Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Since about the first of April I had a bug to get working on my knitting machines.  I have about 11 sweaters knit.  I always stitch the seams up by hand using the ladder stitch, it makes for great TV time sewing in the evening. These are the first 2 sweaters to be totally done and ready to put in the fall craft show boxes.

It takes about 1.5-2 hrs to knit each one, depending on the size and design.  Last year I sold quite a few between the 4 shows they were at, so I need to get my hiney in gear and knit a bunch this year.  I was in big need of boy sweaters so that is all I have done so far.  I'll be sharing more as time permits. These are size 2 and 4.

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Monday, April 9, 2018

A vintage inspired new creation

This is my April Island Batik challenge where we were to use a vintage looking pattern or block and make it look more modern/new.  The drunkard path is an age old one so I decided to try that.  I have never really done more than a handful of drunkard path blocks ever.  I turned to EQ8 to draw up my idea and use a template I printed off there.  Yes I cut these with just the paper template, I didn't really want to go out and get another ruler I probably wouldn't use again.  I do have a 3.5" template by Elisa, so I tried that first, ye gads piecing small curves was a pain in the patootie.  After using EQ8 to draw it up I watched a video by Canton Village using a glue pen before sewing, it works quite well:)   

When it came time to quilt it I marked a few registration marks here and there and used a straight ruler, a few curved rulers and quilters rule nested circles to do the designs.  For the background fill a little Wild Quilting(Christina Camelli) was called for. Aurifil thread for piecing.  An assortment of IB fabrics from a charm pack of Costal mist and some of the stash builder rolls.

A little bit of color added to the binding by adding in 5" piece

Its at home in our front entryway. 

The fabrics were provided by Island Batik, thread from Aurifil and the batting from Hobbs.

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

The work is done and it is playtime!

I finished up the weeks work a few hours early yesterday so I got to play!!!  
First the work...
More purses done and listed in my Etsy shop

Using my design this is #3 and #4 of the 6 I cut out a couple weeks ago.

I won't bore you with the details again. But if you missed the details on this you can find more info on this HERE

I also finished up my Island Batik April challenge quilt which I will show you on Monday!!  Just had to let you know that so you wouldn't think all I did all week were these 2 purses!  I also worked on some fall runners for the craft shows-never too soon to start on those.

So now the play begins. Yesterday I finally decided to try out the Creative Grids Pineapple ruler I picked up at the Quilt Expo in Madison WI last fall.  I recently saw a You Tube video from Jenny at Missouri star using this ruler.  Her excitement is very contagious!  I got mine out yesterday along with my pile of 30's scraps and made this block and got started on 2 more. 

All the while making it I felt like Jenny-I understood her excitement over making this block!! They are just so cute.  Mine finished at a 10" block.  My goal is to make 9 blocks and border it for a neonatal quilt or perhaps 12 for a little bigger one.  We'll see.  I hope to do a couple more today.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Rayon- Garment Sewing

One of the fabrics that Island Batik sent us Ambassadors this year was a Rayon.  We could do anything we wanted with it whenever we wanted.  I have had this pattern for ages and always think I will make it.    When this 2 yard piece came my way I knew I needed to do it. 

I was scared to death to cut into and sew it.  I first made a muslin test garment as the pattern suggests.  It needed to fit over the head as there are no other openings.  Wow it fit perfectly the first time!!!  That was Saturday.  Sunday since we had no plans, I got brave and cut into the Rayon.  I did prewash it and machine dried it with about 2-3" shrinkage from the 2 yard cut.  The pattern said I needed 2.25 yds, shoot, well maybe I'll do short sleeves instead of the 3/4 length.  But after laying out the front and back in the medium size I had plenty to do the 3/4 sleeves and still had some left!   The pattern has you sew 1/2" seams, then I serged them.  The neck has a facing.  For the hem I serged and then pressed up a 3/8" hem and straight stitched carefully.
I love it and I am sure I will be making more.  The first year IB sent 2 one yard pieces of a black and white print and a polka dot, I think I am going to do a tank top version of it.  I also think a short sleeve one would look great.  A model I am not but here ya go...

The pattern is Panama Pullover by Brensan Studios.

Thank you Island Batik for providing a gorgeous piece of Rayon, just the perfect colors I like to wear! I think it will look great with black capris.  I will be wearing it to an event in April-more on that later.

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Bags, bags

I am happy to report that I made lots of progress on my purses that I started last weekend.  All the parts have been quilted and 2 are totally done.  Lilacs say spring to me, and so does the calendar even though Mother nature isn't cooperating fully yet.

The front with its center pocket and 2 pockets on the sides.  

 The back. The side ties can be untied for expansion if needed!

 The inside with 8 more pockets to keep you totally organized!!  And a magnetic snap to keep your belongings safe.

Don't you just love this blue and purple on black-so striking!  It even has a bit of metallic gold in there.  It is so labor intensive to write a pattern so I have never done that, these are all made with just the notes I have written on paper. 

 The handles are each approximately 21" long.

 And it's cute aqua side pockets. 

I made DH snap a picture of me with the purse over my shoulder so you can see if can be worn that way or just holding the straps by your hand if you wish.    The purse is approximately 12.5" x 10" and 4" deep.   I use a foam core board in the bottom covered with a coordinating fabric.

These can be found in my Etsy shop.

Monday, March 26, 2018

New projects

I  started new projects this weekend:0  Never mind all the WIP's and UFO's sitting around.  I was in the mood to pull out the purse fabric bins.  Yes I keep those separate from the quilting fabrics even though technically they are the same fabrics.   It is just that I bought these specifically to make purses.   I cut 3 of one kind and 6 of another.  These are laid out for me to start sewing these parts together, and then they receive quilting before the assembly process begins.  These are from a pattern I designed but have never written as it is labor intensive to write it as a pattern.

 And here are the linings, inside pockets, and the foam core board covers.  The handles and ties didn't get in the picture.  So with 9 cut you would think you would see a dent in that bin wouldn't you.  NOPE not even a dimple size dent, how does this happen!!  I guess I fluffed them too much in the process, LOL.

And then I started this for the April Island Batik ambassador challenge.

So what new projects did you start over the weekend?  Or were you good and finished a WIP or UFO?

Friday, March 23, 2018

More Springtime Flowers

I liked the table runner so much from my last post that I decided it would be fun to make those flowers into a pointed table runner to be a little different.  It didn't take me as long to pick out these fabrics and it was a quick make also.  Once again all from the stash:)

Just imagine a slight breeze, bright sunshine and these flowers swaying in the gentle breeze, ahhhh summertime- oh wait we need lounge chairs and a girly drink in our hand, hehe.  Can ya tell I am just itching for summer to get here!

You will find this runner and the one from the last post in my Etsy shop.  I pieced another one today with a little different coloring, perhaps I will get it quilted tomorrow.  I also quilted a customer quilt today, it was a Christmas one, kinda hard getting in the mood to quilt it with holly leaves when I want summer!!  But it is done and will be ready for her to pick up in a few weeks when she comes back up North.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Yes the calendar said Spring yesterday and I was in the mood to make another flower table runner.

 I have an abundance of fabrics with blue/aqua/teal that I kept buying to make a quilt-well I made one or two quilts and still had lots and lots left.  This fun flower border grabbed my attention and then it was digging around in the stash to find just the right coordinates.  It must have taken me over an hour to decide which fabrics to use as I kept thinking oh wait maybe this one, or that one.  OMG I said just pick them and get on with it!!  I am sure that all of you don't ever have that problem;)

The piecing was fast and fun and I kept getting more excited about how it was looking.  After the piecing I had just enough time to quilt it before having to make dinner for the hubster.  This morning I finished the binding quickly.  Don't cha just love those polka dots in the skinny border and binding!

I had just picked up the backing fabric the day before not knowing what I would do with it for sure, and wouldn't ya know it worked perfectly for this runner.  Gee I love when that happens!
You can see I machine appliqued the center circle of the flower after the quilting again.

I am calling this my DrEAMi moment this month.  You can check out others DrEAMi projects at MMM quilts

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Longarm meeting

In my last post I mentioned I was hosting my local longarm group at my house yesterday, which also happened to be National Quilting Day.  Several of you were curious what we did at the meeting, so I thought I would just do a short post on it.

So mad at myself as I had planned on taking a couple pictures but we were so busy that I forgot!  The hostess provides a main dish, beverages, plates, cups, napkins etc.  The members bring side dishes and lots of desserts, LOL.  There is never a lack of food.  I made a Rigatoni hot dish this time and it turned out yummy:)

The meeting starts at 10am.  People start arriving 20 minutes early sometimes as we have members that drive for an hour or more to get here and it is very hard to plan for traffic, weather etc. so that is expected.  I was ready when the first lady arrived.  We have about 36 members and usually half of them come.  Yesterday there were 16 of us including myself.  There have been several new members join in the last year or so.  We go about the room introducing ourselves and tell what type of longarm we drive and then there is a roll call question that the president comes up with.  Yesterday it was how do you show your customer what options you can quilt for her.  There is always a variety of answers and gives us food for thought.  Some answers were just drawing designs on paper while the customer is present, some take pictures of the quilt and then email the customer a drawing of what they think should be done, some customers just say do whatever and lets the longarmer decide.

Of course we have a few business things to discuss, right now we are in the process of deciding what instructor we would like to hire for 2019 to come in and teach us for a couple days.  Jodi Robinson is being contacted. So excited as she is very inspiring in her modern work.  We are also having a bus trip to Quilt Expo in Madison this fall.  Then the fun begins with show and tell!!  For me it is a no brainer, I talk about being an Island Batik Ambassador, here are my IB projects I showed this time.

Everyone loves show and tell but not everyone brings something for various reasons.  Sometimes they don't want to haul that gigantic customer quilt they just finished, or the customer already picked up their quilt.  Most of the ladies quilt for hire, but a couple just do it for their own selves, and then the odd ball me, quilting for the craft shows!!   There are always thoughts and ideas we share too.

Then the meeting is done and true socializing and eating lunch begins.  Everyone was out the door by 1 p.m. already.  We covered lots of stuff in our 3 hours.  We meet every other month in someones home. Although we take July off, as so many are very busy during the summer.

And there you have it in a nutshell of our longarm meeting!  Since it was National Quilting Day I went in and sewed a bit after they left.  Here is what I am working on-a new quilt.  I am loving it!!!  I'll tell more about it in a later post.  Although I am using a fat quarter bundle for this you could certainly do this with scraps and I may just do that in the future.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Jelly roll waves

This quilt has been patiently waiting for me to get time to quilt it.  The fabrics were 2 half jelly rolls from  this site that I picked up a couple years ago.  I was just waiting for the right pattern to hit me;) And speaking of patterns this one is Jelly Roll Waves by Myra at Busy Hands.

 Just came off the longarm.  I used Glide thread in a medium gray as I didn't want it to stick out too much on the white and still show up on the prints.  The pattern I freehand quilted is a dwirling design I learned from The Pajama Quilter.  I love doing this design as it never comes out the same twice. 

 These fabrics remind me of the Caribbean waters and the quilting design represents the waves;)

I got creative with the back-I had a few leftover partial strips from the front that I really wanted to use up.  The peacock fabric I found at JoAnn's last week and snatched a couple yards and then had to come up with a plan, I ran a bit short therefore I added the green from my stash and it was just the right size.  Binding time-I just happened to have a solid blue that worked perfectly, it is an advantage to have a rather large stash!  My Jelly Roll Wave measures 49 x 68 and is now listed in my Etsy shop.

 And I better get back to cleaning house as I am hosting my local longarm meeting on Saturday.  So far 12 say they are coming, sometimes we have 20.  Everyone brings a dish to pass for lunch, but the hostess supplies a main dish and drinks.  I am going to do a Rigatoni hot dish this time.  Hope you all have a fun weekend.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Patriotic runner

Recently we took a drove to see if we could spot eagles over at the Mississippi river.  It's always a gamble if one will see them or not.  That got me to thinking of making a patriotic runner.  I pictured it in my head and then went into EQ8 when I got home.  This is what I came up with.  I have quite a bit of red, white and blue fabric in the stash so I got right to work on it.

We got really lucky and spotted about 25 eagles that day, this is a poor picture but you get the idea and have proof we saw some!!  There were about a dozen sitting on the ice near the open water. But only a couple of those had their white heads yet. 

I quilted a wavy line using a wavy ruler with white thread in the white fabrics and red thread in the red fabrics.  An allover loop design in blue thread on the blue fabric worked well.  After quilting and binding, I machine appliqued the white stars.  I didn't want the blue fabric showing through the white star so I put a soft fusible interfacing on the back of the star.  That also helps keep the fraying down.  Two sizes of stars were used, the smaller 2 near the red stripes and the larger in the middle.

 This is now listed in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A new technique-Island Batik

My March challenge from Island Batik started with picking a technique that I had never done before.  Hmmm at first I was totally stumped as I have done so many things over my years of quilting. Several of us ambassadors were chatting and others felt the same way and we started throwing ideas around.  And something triggered a memory of my seeing Jayne work with bias tape and I had also seen an episode of Fresh Quilting with Latifa Safir using bias tape.  I had not tried it so why not!!

Then before I got a chance to start on it, I was playing in EQ8 one day and totally by accident used the swath tool, EEEP-how cool is that!!!!!!!  Well I hurried and printed out the paper pieces, and closed EQ down.  The next day I did all the paper piecing, and then I went in to look at the layout and poof it was gone!!!!  So what I think happened was that I had edges of the swath geese hanging off the block and it messed with the program and it wipes out your designs in that file:((((   I had this happen before-when will I learn, LOL   All this to say I wish I could show you the actual layout.  But I can show you the paper pieces...

And the Island Batik stash builder rolls that I used, I pulled the brights from them, plus some neutral yardage for the background.

Let the process of bias tape begin.  I am using the 3/8" bias tape maker with a 3/4" batik cut on the bias.  I recently learned that holding the maker up at this angle works better;)

You can see I had to stop and quilt my background and backing first, I used 2 layers of Hobbs batting.  I used a pencil to outline where the geese would lay.  The quilting is called Wild Quilting, a Christina Cameli technique.  After all the quilting was done I began to apply the bias tape using Elmers Glue to hold it in place. 

After gluing down one set of geese I would stitch closely to the edge on both sides of the tape.  I recently read using a zipper foot works well to stay close to the edge, so I tried that.  It worked great!  If I could remember where I read that, I'd give them credit for the idea.   

I kept working my way through each set of geese using the above method, making sure that I did the sets that would lay under my last one which is the green one.

When it came time to bind it, I decided that a pop of color would set it off nicely.  My hubby looks at it and he says it looks I am calling this little quilt twisted geese.  It measures 19"x 13". 

 In the picture below you can see how poofed out the geese sets are, that is why I used 2 layers of batting.  The texture of this piece is incredible, I love it.  Thank you Island Batik for challenging us and helping us grow in our quilting.   Full disclosure...the fabrics used were given to me by Island Batik, the thread from Aurifil and the batting from Hobbs.

The penny for perspective.
So in the end I tried 3 new things with this little quilt,  the swath tool in EQ, applique with bias tape, and using the zipper foot to stitch close to the edge.